Why Gossamer Studios?

Photography with a Storyteller's heart

About Your Photographer

Hello! I'm Amanda (she/they), the photographer behind Gossamer Studios. I am passionate about photography as a means to a specific end: to give a voice to each of my clients and allow them to tell their story. Whether you want to memorialize a special event like an engagement or graduation, or live out a personal fairytale, I want to help.

Additionally, I believe in body-empowerment and the idea that all bodies are good bodies. Too often, photography and media in general focuses on a very narrow spectrum of beauty, but bodies come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, genders, and abilities. My mission is to turn the spotlight onto the under-represented. I want each client to leave their session feeling confident, happy, and empowered.

Located in San Antonio, TX.

“The universe is made of stories,
not of atoms.”

Fantasy Portraits

Live Out Your Dreams

As a creative portrait artist, I specialize in fantasy and ethereal photography. Have you ever imagined yourself as a princess? A dryad? A witch or fairy or Victorian spiritualist? Let's work together to bring to life the portraits of your imagination!

Traditional Portraits

For special and everyday occasions

So many moments in life are worth capturing! Family gatherings, engagements, senior portraits, maternity photos, and so much more. Let me help you to memorialize the special moments, and transform the simple times into something noteworthy.